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About Meri Gibson

Meri is a highly respected, very organised, strong and driven professional executive who has extensive experience across many diverse sectors, and has successfully led large market driven businesses. She has a wide professional network of senior people across several industries and local government, particularly in Canterbury and Rotorua.


Meri is a natural leader with particular strengths and an impressive track record in strategy, business development, product development, management of multiple projects, change management, innovation and multi-level stakeholder communication across large and complex commercial and public sector organisations. 


With a passion for educational and social issues, Meri takes a strategic, leadership results orientated, approach and strongly believes in the power and success linked to executional excellence.

Key areas of strength:

Meri Gibson
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If we were to compare ourselves with an animal it would be the elephant. Elephants have the largest brain of any other land animals, they are very social and show extremely intelligent behaviours. Elephants are also one of the most faithful companions of humans as they show a range of emotions, like joy, playfulness and sorrow.