Calibrae on: Thought Leadership

What is thought leadership?

A thought leader is an individual or it can be a business that is recognised as an authority in a specialised field and whose expertise is usually sought after and often rewarded.

Whilst it may seem a strange company to give as an example in this way, I believe that Coca Cola would be a thought leader. They are certainly experts in their field they lead the way in innovation in the bottled drink market and if the sales are anything to go by then they certainly reap the rewards.

Thought leadership can help anyone involved in the business to make strong and effective business decisions and to gain an integral alignment among their peers, which as we all know can be a difficult task at any time.

In marketing; thought leadership allows us to define the category of our solution or our brand purpose by putting the customer first and articulating in customer terms.

Thought leadership is a key component of content marketing. In essence you are looking for the answers to the questions that have been posed.

Thought leadership explained by Calibrae P&P consultancy