The Five Types Of Merchandising

We when talk about merchandising we usually talk about the visual aspect. Today we have become so used to sensory overload where everything is instant, maybe we just need to step back and think about merchandising through the eyes of the customer.

There are a ton of seminars, books and lots of articles on this very subject. But there is so much more than just the visual. There is also tactile and auditory merchandising, we do after all have five senses. Where possible, it has to be an overall experience.

Tactile merchandising, is one of the many advantages that a physical store has over buying on-line. You can hold an item, touch, feel, and even try on. I love going into a clothing store and feeling the texture of the fabric, catching the array of colours on display. Also once a customer has picked something up in their hand the chance of them buying is so much higher.

The five types of merchandising

Visual merchandising is all about the eyes, it’s about what we see, what attracts our eye, engages us to pick an item up. Make your displays appealing not just to your eye, but to the eye of others.

Auditory merchandising, takes into account what we hear. It sets a mood. Music is so important to buying. Playing cruisy easy listening music is not right in a trendy fashion store you want something more upbeat. The sounds in the background are what will influence a mood and a customer wanting to buy.

Taste merchandising is of course dependent on your product mix. How many times have you walked past a food out let or grocers and smelt this divine smell, which has pulled you into the store to buy.

Smell merchandising, smells can be both good and bad and can encourage of discourage a purchase. Scented candles and aromatherapy scents are a wonderful way to create an atmosphere that is friendly and feels like home, encouraging buying.

the five types of merchandising