How To Leave A Memorable First Impression

How often do you go to a function and someone asks you: “What do you do?” This seems to be the stock standard question as an introduction. You begin by telling them what you do, but how do you get them to remember you? Do you have a business card that says what you do? You want your card to leave the same impression that you did in your explanation.

Take a look at your business cards, are they working for you as effectively as they could be? Do they clearly state what business you are in and what it is that you do? Think about this every time you look at your business card or someone else’s business card.

I recall working on a project for a large bakery company and someone asked me what I did, “Well”, I said, “I’m the Chief Donut Officer” and promptly handed them my card. It was all a bit of fun and the card had lots of neat words related to food. Immediately I was remembered for being in a quirky role. But also for my card saying exactly what I did.

Here’s another great tip if you are traveling and want someone to remember you. Go out and buy postcards (yes the old fashioned snail mail ones). When you meet someone new on a trip, write them a postcard at the end of that business day and post it off so they get it when they arrive back in their home office destination. Yes, it is labour intensive and a small financial outlay, but how great would it be to receive a card like this and think: “Wow, that person took the time to think about me”. If you send the card then you will always be front of mind when the postcard arrives on that person’s desk.