Useful Tips for Marketing your Product

To understand how to market a product you need to look at your product from a potential purchaser’s point of view. When a purchaser is looking to buy something they are usually only interested in what is in it for them.

Therefore, for someone to want to buy your product they must see the value in the purchase.

When it comes to marketing you need a strategy…”Why?” You might ask? Well, otherwise you are just taking your own belief, acting on that and hoping like crazy that someone else will also have that same belief. Whereas, you actually need to find out what the consumer wants not just what you think they may want.

How do you do this?

There are many ways this can be achieved. You could look at the product mix you have and what that represents to the market. The position your product has in the market. The competitor’s product and how it compares. You need to develop your strategy based on these variable factors and then develop that strategy to give you a competitive edge, be it on price, on product and experience.

Here’s how:

a. Make sure your tell everyone about your product

b. If your product is totally unique, then build this aspect into your marketing, i.e. “only available at XYZ store and we also deliver”

c. Is your product a specialty product, i.e. “Danish chocolate only available in NZ at XYZ store”

d. If you are local and available at all hours then advertise that, i.e. “24 hour service, we can come to your home”.

Always inform your intended market of what you want them to know, don’t assume, done leave it to them to guess, because they won’t, they will just go elsewhere.

Make sure that your product is the “go to” product.