Kindness in the Workplace

In these very troubled times when we are all asking, WHY?, how did this happen. Why us?

We are hearing from everyone that we must work in kindness, that kindness will prevail.

So what is 'kindness' and what happens when we put it into the workplace?

People who are kind are known to be more caring. It can be picked up by the body’s receptor gene of oxytocin, this is the gene that is sometimes referred to as the “love hormone”.

There is a great deal of evidence that shows that kind leaders and kind employees get better results. Kindness also bats away meanness (well, for the most part), it also helps to reduce workplace bullying.

When a company employs kindness, it can do so without a huge cost involved. The outcomes are recognisable in productivity. Kindness should not be confused with weakness or a lack of strength, leadership that comes from kindness is not new, but it is certainly creating a wave of change in organisations.

Employees will feel greater trust with an employer who is kind and they in turn will bestow acts of kindness on others.

A strong outcome of kindness in the workplace is the prevention of burnouts through awareness of an employee's needs.

We can all employ kindness in the workplace; it is not hard and will bring awesome results.

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a Happy Work Place