3 Tips on how to get through a lockdown as a business

NZ has come through the OCVID-19 pandemic in good form, but what if we are in this situation again. What do we do, how do we survive this?

Sleep well

Good sleep hygiene or habits include having a dedicated sleep zone, not overindulging in coffee or alcohol, and limiting screen time before bed. Studies show that most adults need 8-9 hours sleep a night. When we have a bad night's sleep, when you wake up in the morning, you interpret the world around you more negatively. When you interpret the world more negatively, your ability to think in new and divergent ways, creative thinking, is greatly reduced. But when we sleep well, you get the same piece of information and you will interpret it more positively and you can find creative solutions.

Be innovative

In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, the need for businesses to be innovative can't be understated. While it may be tempting ... to stress and wait for the pandemic to pass, lockdown is a time when self-employed people and managers can focus their effort to think innovatively about options for when trading restrictions ease, yet social distancing can still be in place or socially accepted.

Even businesses that are reliant on in-person customers will be better poised to survive under conditions of mass social distancing if they can radically rethink things. For example, a gym might survive by renting out their gym equipment .... and delivering home workouts online and in large outdoor spaces.

Think collaboratively

In the post-lockdown economy, businesses should also change the way they view other companies. Rather than see them as competitors, businesses should view each other as allies and work together to find solutions for their communities.

Self-employed people have been preparing for this [coronavirus pandemic] their whole lives, in a way. They're used to dealing with uncertainty, they're used to being creative, and our New Zealand self-employed people are very resilient.