Being smart with strategic engagement

Strategic engagement means:

More actively identifying external change and pressure points, engaging the right people across the business and having initiatives to meet them.

To appreciate the distinction between a company’s communications’ current approach and ‘strategic engagement’, it’s useful to consider who the target market is, what the objective is in the reach. For instance, along a supply chain a business will be part of many communities. Each affects - to differing degrees – a company’s ability to operate profitably. Being strategic about how an organisation builds it’s communities, would help safeguard their number one competitive advantage - their supply chain – right along the chain.

With intensifying aspects of a business, reverse sensitivities and pressures on the business’s license to operate, a company could (for example) have a proactive ‘good neighbour’ strategy, with the goal of becoming widely known as the neighbour you’d want to have. The rationale is purely commercial – maximising future access to clients and the effectiveness and profitability of the wider supply chain.

There are many instances where strategic engagement could make a big commercial difference, immediately and longer-term. There is often a hunger for practical frameworks to guide why, where, when and how a company engages with external parties to achieve business goals.

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