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When asked what we do at the Christchurch business consulting firm Calibrae, it’s hard not to point out our decades-long track record for helping to transform some of New Zealand's well-known companies and organisations into more streamlined, more efficient and just better versions of themselves.

We engage in strategic thinking, business planning and implementation. We desire to develop a deep relationship with our clients to make a difference to how they run their businesses. We work hard to understand the challenges and opportunities by working closely with the client to turn their values not only into a brand proposition, but also with considered planning to maximise impact. 

We want to help you to tell your story. 

We want to connect your business with your audience.

Calibrae people and performanc consultancy

Strategic Leadership

& Governance

Calibrae positions organisations to grow their markets and market share. We engage all stakeholders to solve problems, innovate and build strong relationships within and outside of the business.


Quick-fix solutions are for other people, we focus on strategy and insight. We prefer to work alongside organisations to find solutions that are aligned to their own core vision and values. 

When it comes to governance of an organisation our approach is to focus on the people, the vision, goals and mission behind the organisation. We work with Boards, shareholders and stakeholders to clarify the meaning and direction; We set clear goals and then ensure the organisation's activities are aligned to the goals.

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PR & Communications

Calibrae people and performance consultancy
PR and communication Calibrae

Even though we are a small New Zealand business consulting firm, Calibrae offers a world of hands-on experience. 

We've worked across a range of businesses by working on the business not in it. The backgrounds of our team is not limited to any one area and so we can look objectively at your business. We can be adaptive to diverse sectors. All that experience allows us to offer skills and services that sets us apart (in a good way) from other consultants.  

Often public relations can be full of scaremongers, we prefer to focus on the positive when it comes to public relations, 

advertising, media skills and internal communications. We work proactively and realistically with you on what is best for you, rather than what we think is best.

Calibrae people and performance consultancy

Stakeholder Engagement

When we manage stakeholder engagement we ensure we find the people who may be most affected by the decisions an organisation makes. We listen to all discussions, and guide our clients to be influential within the community in which they operate. 

A key part of an organisation's social responsibility is to engage from grassroots, to ensure they discover a relevant dialogue to find out what social and environmental issues matter most to that community. Engaging stakeholders is critical to any organisation's success. 

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interim executives new zealand

Interim Executives

Calibrae provide executive capacity for short-term engagements, locum coverage, emergency assistance or when you need a specific skillset. Benefit from decades of experience and big picture thinking proven to create success, without incurring long term obligations.